Nordic Salsa Camp 2023 

                 "Participant contact information" (all participants must complete their own registration form).

First name
Last name
Social Security number: - The CPR number is being handled confidentially and via a secure and encrypted connection. - It is a requirement from the Ministry of Culture that you supply a social security number. If you don't have a DANISH social security number, simply write your date of birth followed by 4 1s, eg 020487-1111
Phone number
Salsa or Salsa Band Line
Dance Level Cuban Salsa
Advanced Level 5 / Masterclass
Which instrument are you playing?
Dance partner
Roomate/ Sharing room with (Optional)
T-Shirt / Top (Optional) - The price for a t-shirt / top is 25 EUR
T-shirt/Top size? (Optional)
Join the Camp preparation group - Arriving Saturday July 9 - To help to install and decorate the Camp. Joining the preparation group is a nice social way to start your stay at the Camp where you get to know new people and have a lot of fun!
Good ideas for the theme party Tuesday night?
Which talents do you also have? - Like singing, playing instruments, painting, juggling, acting, decoration, flowerarranging, photography, videoproduction, cooking, baking, layout, doing magic, stand-up comedy, massage, skydiving, unicycle, linedance, clowning, bodypainting, spyding fire, writing, storytelling, poetry or song writing, or...

How do You consider your own level in the following dances?

Cha Cha Cha
Ruede de Casino
Ruede Switch

Other information:

Where did you hear about the course?
Special dietary requirements?
Other considerations? - (e.g. difficulty walking, impaired vision, impaired hearing)

At Brandbjerg Højskole and Nordic Salsa Camp 2023, images and films are taken with students, teachers and staff in focus, by our professeionel Camp phototeam, as an integrated and very popular part of the Camp program for the use of documentation, story-telling, program development and communication on social media as well as on the website for the benefit of the participants, potential interested salseros and the future innovation of the Camp. Indicate below whether we can use pictures and videos of you where you are in focus.

Indicate below whether we may use photos or video of you where you are in focus.